Friday, March 30 - Things I Haven't Yet Mastered

I haven't yet mastered how to thank someone for making more work for me.

I'm not an ungrateful person.  I believe in manners.  I say please and thank you all day long and even remind the children to do so when they come to me for something.

I also believe that it's my job to try to make things easier for others.

I just haven't mastered how to say thank you to people who don't follow the directions they were given because they think that they are helping you out by doing something their way instead of the way that was asked.

But, I was told I should have said thank you to the person who made changes to a few student documents and printed them out themselves to save me work, yet couldn't tell me who they belonged to thus causing me to have to print out the whole class again for the permanent record.

Yes, thank you for your help.

Is it possible to sew your tongue back on after you've bitten it off?

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