Friday, April 6 - Read This and Take Note

Well, I'd love you to read my posts, but this is something I'd like to have a sign made of for my desk:

"Failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency for me"

I'd especially like those who are receiving an extra stipend for the activity that they're doing to take note.

This would be the teachers who are in charge of the science fair, the school play, the music concerts, etc.

They all get a stipend for their "extra" work and the time that they have to put in to these events.  However, there is no stipend for the office staff who also have "extra" work during these events.

We make copies, order materials, answer numerous phone calls with questions about the event, and the doorbell to accommodate visitors during these events.  We schedule the room, arrange for the set-up, find coverage for you when needed.  All this during our regular working hours when the normal routine of the day is in full force.

And, we do not receive one extra penny.

I'd like to say - don't come to me the day before your event and tell me that you need masking tape to hang your posters and there's none in the supply room.  Or that you need to order supplies to make the scenery for the play and you need it preferably yesterday, so the purchase order needs to be done asap and faxed...... etc.

Instead we are expected to fit the emergency into our schedule.  And they get paid extra for their time.

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Clare said...

Oh so true . . . and I honestly don't know if some of ours even know what a purchase order is! Hang in there. : )