Friday, September 25 - Complaint of the Day

Any number of things can and do go wrong in the course of the day at school.  And usually, they are accompanied by complaints. 

If I had a nickel for every complaint that I hear, well, it could prove to be very lucrative.

Today we got the usual complaints - my room is too hot, my room is too cold, blah, blah, blah.  You know Goldilocks doesn't work here, because we never hear "It's just right!"

The complaint of the day, the one that nearly put me over the edge -

"We need to get bigger garbage bags for our classroom garbage cans."


"They don't seem to be big enough.  I have dirty tissues all over the place because the bags are too small and there's not enough room."

So as I'm staring in disbelief, wondering how to respond, another teacher points out that the bags are big enough, but because the custodians cinch them around the top of the can the air gets trapped and pushes up.  "You just need to let the air out between the bag and the can and they're fine" she adds.

So then it was suggested that we need to "teach" the custodians how to put a garbage bag in the garbage can letting the air out because certainly it's not the teacher's job to do that. 

Some days I'd like to "teach" some people something.

Friday, September 18 - Spell Check Anyone!

What can I say other than "I didn't type it."? 
Would you believe that this has been copied and used as is for the last four years!
Finally this year a parent noticed.
How great to find out in the first week of school that not only can't the teacher spell, she's also politically incorrect!

Friday, September 11 - Alternate Forms of Transportation

Having a seat in the front office that faces the driveway gives you a birds eye view of the comings and goings in the school. 

I have seen the children arrive in busses, of course.  That is the main mode of transportation in our district. 

And I've seen just about any kind of van, SUV, sedan, and the occasional sports car.  There have even been one or two motorcycles.  Oh, and once a year, as a prize for a local fund raiser, one child gets to ride to school in a police car with a friend.

But today was something totally new.  Today someone arrived at school in a tow truck with their 7-month-old car on the back of the truck.

Guess who that was?

Give up?


I guess I can cross that off my bucket list!

Friday, September 4 - Shoe Shopping

Imagine a panel truck rolling right up to the front door of your workplace, the driver parks, opens the back and pulls out some nice chairs and a carpet runner.  Then he pulls down a small set of stairs so you can climb right into the back and............... wait for it...............go shoe shopping.  

Well, if you want steel tipped work shoes it can happen!  I saw it with my own eyes.  Right outside the front door of the school I work in. 

I'm thinking if they did this for the teachers, they might need a tractor trailer full of choices. 

Of course you'd have the sensible flats and rubber-soled shoes.  But you'd also have the stylish heels, with straps or platforms for the young teachers who have not yet felt the effects of "teacher's legs" aka varicose veins. 

Oh, yeah, and there'd be at least one token row of penny loafers, boat shoes, and oxfords for the men.