Friday, February 17

When I get the time - sometime soon I hope - I will talk about why I haven't been here on Friday CPR for a while.  Right now though, I'm thinking that I need to find the humor again, so here goes.....

Valentine's Day!  Everyone wears red.  The students bring in Valentine cards for their classmates.  The parents bring in treats for the students and every now and then a truck will pull up in front of the school with a delivery.

Ah, it's the UPS guy again.  What's he got today?  Could it be the file folders that are on backorder or the pencil sharpeners?  It might be a Scholastic book order, but it's not a Scholastic box.  You always know when it's a book order by the box.

So when the UPS man delivers a box that says 1-800-FLOWERS on the box, the last thing I expected to be asked when I entered the faculty room was "Are there flowers in there?"!

No.  Hamsters.