Friday, January 29 - Blogus Interruptus

First let me say that I weathered my second abdominal surgery within a  year and returned to work mid-December.  Since then I have been trying to decide whether to continue with this blog or not.  There were some things I needed to think about.  Mainly, what was the purpose of this blog.

I heard someone refer to it as the place where I bitch about work, and yes, I guess it is the place where I bitch about work.  But I had intended it to be something more. 

I think most people have those moments where in a given situation you say "you can't make these things up!"  These situations are not always funny, in fact, most times they're sad, and I don't mean that in a "make you cry" way.  They're sad because they usually arise from the lack of some basic human characteristic.  I find a lot of it is a lack of common sense, but we also see a lack of thoughtfulness, a lack of respect, and the mind set that "it's all about me". 

In my job I am exposed to a large number of people and thus a multitude of personalities.  I could, and I do on some occasions, let it get the best of me and get pissed off.  But there's not much I can do about that.  I've bitten my tongue so many times that it's a wonder there aren't pieces missing.   Yes, I have been known to "snap" a few times, but in my own defense, it takes an awful lot of pushing to get me there.  (And most people know to stay away from me first thing in the morning!)

So, what am I trying to do here?  I guess keeping my sanity has a lot to do with it.  I know I'm not trying to air any dirty laundry or get back at anyone.  And although I wouldn't mind not working, I'm sure not trying to lose my job.  I hope that my postings have been generic enough and free of specifics to keep it that way.  (Taking the advice of Vodkamom.)

I really didn't think that my postings would be missed as I've not gotten a lot of commenting in the past (which is okay but, hey, who doesn't need a pat on the back now and then).  But since I have heard from a few people privately I will continue with it. 

Let me just say - I make no guarantee to entertain you, but I do hope that you'll be laughing or crying or just shaking your head in disbelief when you leave here - enough so you might want to come back. 

Afterall, it's only once a week.  I can commit to that.