Friday, March 16 - A Little Information Goes a Long Way

Imagine a person walking into a bank and going right up to the teller and just proclaiming "I want to take my money out."  That's it.  That's all that's said.

It's not likely that the clerk will be handing anything over to this person without some pertinent information.

We have 400 students in our school, which roughly means there are close to 800 parents.  So now imagine that a parent walks into the school and comes right up to my counter and says "I'm here to take my son/daughter to the doctor/dentist/etc."  And then they rock back on their heels and just look at me, thus creating a very awkward silence.

Now I will admit that sometimes I see whose coming to the door and before they even get into the office I'm calling for the student.  However, it always cracks me up when a parent that I've never seen before walks in and expects me to know who they are and who their child is.   That awkward silence needs to be broken.

"And who is your child?"  or "And that would be?" or just "Yes............?"

Where is my crystal ball when I need it?


Clare said...

I actually had a woman call one morning and say (in a very frantic voice), "I can't find my keys, and Brittney is going to be late . . . and then the awkward silence you mentioned. (We have about 12 Britteys at our school). Let me just mention that all 12 of them spell their name differently. I simply said ok and hoped she would bring her daughter into the office for a late slip. again . . . I am glad you are back!

Dorrie said...

I was just about to delete this blog from my favorites because I thought you had given up on it. I was pleasantly surprised to find some new posts. So glad you are back. My sister works in a high school office and I so enjoy her stories too. It's a different world than the corporate one I am used to.