Friday, March 2 - Who's Late?

School starts at 8:30.  Well, the first bell rings at 8:30 and the students huff it in off the bus.  By the second bell at 8:35 they're all supposed to be in their homerooms, or in the case of our 5th graders, at their lockers.  The front doors are closed and inevitably within the next minute the doorbell will ring.

Parent:  (approaching my counter with his daughter in tow) She's not late is she?

Me:  Yes sir, when the second bell rings the student is late.

Parent:  Oh, was that the second bell?

Me:  Yes.

Parent:  Well, she's not late really.  We were working on her homework project from last night and lost track of the time.  So she's not really late.

Me:  Sweetie, who is your homeroom teacher.

Student:  Mrs. So-and-So.

Me:  Here's your late pass.

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Clare said...

I'm laughing already . . . so glad you are back!