Friday, June 5 - Number Please

There are days that I hate the interaction I have with parents and then there are those that just crack me up.

Take for instance the mother who came in this week with something her daughter had forgotten.

With a smile on her face she plopped the bag down on the counter and mumbled under her breath “I’m gonna kill her.” To which I said in jest – you can do whatever you like, but please don’t tell us.

She then went on to tell me that it’s okay. She’s threatened them before. And when they threaten to call DYFS on her, she tells them to make sure that “DYFS keeps you for at least four weeks!”

And then she hands them the phone.


Queen Bee said...

HAHA I used to always tell my mom I was going to call DYFS. Ah...memories.

Vodka Mom said...

i love it.......