Friday, June 19 - End of the Year Circus

It's been a very busy week in our office. We're almost to the end of the school year (two more days after today). I call it circus time because there's at least three rings of action going on at any given moment.

In the office there's a multitude of end-of-year paperwork. Keys, IDs, and plan books have to handed in. Attendance reports have to be done. All the rosters for next years' classes have to be typed, copied, and distributed - but not too soon or the information will leak. Information leaks happen all the time. It's part of the circus atmosphere that I call the Center Ring.

Class parties are a daily event. Parties mean visitors. Visitors mean doorbells. Doorbells mean continual interruptions. Food deliveries have to be refrigerated. Teachers want to take their classes outside. Ring two events are in full swing.

Parents, as well as students, seem to forget the rules. Walking right into the cafeteria without checking in at the office becomes a regular occurence. Calling the office for dismissal changes instead of putting it in writing means more phone calls. More phone calls mean more interruptions. Ah - here we have the third ring.

It is for these reasons above, and many more not mentioned, that I keep a jar full of clown noses on my desk at this time of year. When it gets really crazy, and I get really punchy, I just threaten to start passing the noses out.

Yep it's circus time. And speaking of the circus, this was heard in my daughter's 8th grade classroom recently.

"Miss M, I'm going on vacation soon."

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"I'm going to Las Vegas, and I'm going to see Circus Ole!"

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Kate and Jeff Carney said...

So sorry you aren't finished yet. Here in Utah—especially Central Utah—if we aren't done by Memorial Day all heck is loose. So we've been finished for a month. I understand the 3-ring circus.