Friday, September 14 - Donut Deliveries

I had a teacher actually behind the counter with me this morning because I was showing her something on my computer screen when a parent walked in carrying a Dunkin' Donuts bag.

Said parent plopped the bag down on the counter and warned me "Don't even think of taking one of these because there's just enough for the class."

I calmly started to say .... "no, we don't normally...."

She interrupted with "No.  Seriously. My other child wanted one and I told her she could not have one."  She then scrunched up the top of the bag.

I quickly asked her if the teacher was aware that donuts were coming in and if the child's name was on the bag and the answer to both was yes so she walked out.

I went back to trying to help the teacher beside me and saw that she was standing there dumbfounded.  She collected herself and told me that I should be offended and that that was rude. I told her that I'm not allowed to show that I'm offended but even though I don'd do Dunkin' Donuts I was.  

This little interlude became the topic of conversation in the faculty room at lunch time I was told.  Some found it quite funny.  Kind of an - OMG, you're kidding - in disbelief haha.  

The irony of it all was that about 20 minutes after the first donut delivery came the second.  This parent told me that there were three additional donuts in the box for the office staff because I had put her through to the teacher earlier in the morning so she could set up the delivery time.  

The even bigger irony was that there were indeed 5 additional donuts unclaimed in the first student's box as we found out when she was sent to the office by the teacher to offer us one at the end of the day.  

Not even tempted.  

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Clare said...

LOL . . . there are parents like this on both coasts and everywhere in between. We simply have to smile and be pleasant. Luckily for every rude parent - we get a few thoughtful ones.