Friday, September 7 - New Food Wake Up

Our school cafeteria has updated their menu.  One of the new daily choices is a boxed meal that consists of celery and carrot sticks, grapes, chunks of cheese, hummus and crackers.  I was offered one of these to try today and saved it for this evening.

As I was eating it I was reminded of when my daughter was young - I think in the second or third grade - and she loved the move Aladdin and could recite parts of the dialog by heart.   We happened to be on a bus trip with my mother and sister to New York to see Cinderella on Broadway and she was entertaining us with her recitations.

There is a part she rattled off that had us in stitches and she couldn't understand why.

In the scene she was reciting, Robin Williams as the Genie says "wake up and smell the hummus".  Well not knowing what hummus was, she was saying "wake up and smell the homeless."

Makes me smile every time I eat hummus to this day!

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Sabrina said...

Sounds like a lovely healthy boxed lunch! I love hummus. It's funny what we can think we hear when we're not sure what it's meant to be.