A Quick Explanation

To those of you who may come here and find that I haven't posted in such a long time let me explain why I've allowed this blog to go dormant.

It's not that working in a school hasn't continued to provide me with topics to write about.  No, I think when you have people and so many personalities involved there could be any number of anecdotal events to write about.  

What has happened is the adoption of a "social media" policy in our district earlier this school year that, if I continued to relate my stories to you, using no identifiers or not, could result in disciplinary action.

So I have hopefully removed any personal identifiers from this blog but I'm sure that, knowing the vastness of the internet and what is held out there indefinitely, there might be something that would connect me with my job.  (Did you ever try googling your name?  Don't be surprised what you might find out there.)  If for some reason someone would question anything that I have published here, I think that I could be free of the repercussions of anything prior to the acceptance of the policy.  

Let me say that blogs as educational tools are not banned.  Considering that some of the administrators in our district and the district where we send our high school students have blogs themselves would be an example of that.  But this blog deals with situations and again, even though I have never mentioned the name of my school or any person by their real name, this could be construed as a violation of the policy.

Thank you for coming and visiting with me.  I hope that you have found some humor at times.  I've never meant for this to be a place to "bitch" about work though it may have seemed that way to some.  It was meant to be more of an observation on human nature and that in itself conjures up feelings of anxiety, frustration, humor, sadness, concern, disbelief - well, however you characterize it.

You know people can be real characters.

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