Friday, June 29 - Graduation Cupcake

During the last two week's of school there were so many class parties/picnics that it was very hard to keep track.  It was also very hard to keep track of what I was snacking on.  There were all kinds of treats that passed through the office and when there was enough, some of them came back up to the office.  We had cupcakes, brownies, ice cream, Rita's ice, donuts.  I did not partake of all of them, but there were some that were just too good to resist.  Take for instance this cupcake made by a mom of a 5th grader. 

We don't actually have a fifth grade graduation but they do move on to another school so this mom decided they should have graduation caps.  She also related, and I can attest to this myself, that those foil cupcake liners are dangerous when they're fresh out of the oven.  Ouch.  Best be quick about it.

We also got a large tray of the soft pretzel rods and a wonderful edible fruit arrangement and several different kinds of candies.  

Yes, it certainly was a yummy couple of weeks inded!