Friday, June 1 - Old Words?

Recently I had to write down an account of a situation that happened in our office.  I can't go into details about it, but I was questioned by two people (younger than me) who read my account concerning my use of the word "fetch".  

I said:  So-and-so went to fetch so-and-so.  

After the second person questioned me on my use of the word “fetch”, I felt I needed to explain that I didn't mean it derogatorily, and added that I am old and I use words like that.  

I asked my husband and my daughter if they thought that it was strange to use that word and they both said no. Of course they could just be trying to get me to stop worrying about it.

Then I saw this as I was trying to pin something on Pinterest – 

And tonight I noticed that I-Phone, of which I have one, under Settings says “Fetch New Data”. (Not a picture of my phone)

Guess I’m not as antiquated as I thought.

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