Friday, April 20th - A Pictorial View

A student found this and thought it should "go to" the Lost and Found.  I told him I didn't think it could find it's way to the Lost and Found because it's head was missing.  He didn't laugh and I didn't ask him what happened to the head. 

Like most schools, we have some children with unusual names.  It's nice this student's initials spell ED so the parents don't have to call him Early.


This I-phone belongs to a 4th grader.  Someone found it in the grass ouside the school.  Thank goodness for the heavily encrusted jeweled case - it had rained overnight and it still works!  Oh, and she was very glad to show me how to use the camera on my phone as I had not yet tried that.  AND she told me where I could find some good deals on-line on all kinds of cell phone accessories.