Friday, February 5th - I'm a Little Worried

Things to worry about this week:

The fact that there are two 8-foot tables in the hallway covered with items from the Lost and Found that don't seem to belong to anybody. (We're talking probably a good portion of the Children's Department at WalMart.)

The fifth grade girl who still skips down the hallway. (They're going to eat her alive in 6th grade!)

The fourth grade boy who, despite several visits with the principal, still tries to "kiss the girls". (His shenanigans are "escalating" to inappropriate behavior with a pencil.)

The first outbreak of head lice for this school year. (And the fact that the child sat on the upholstered chair across the counter from me.)

The head of maintenance who won't respond on the walkie-talkie when the security company calls to say that we have an alarm going off. (Oh really? Is that what that is???)

The forecast of snow during the morning commute. (How many more teachers can do a 360 on their way to work. We had three last week. Will we break the record without breaking any bones?)

Getting that 5 a.m. call that we're having a delayed opening and wondering if I have the most current copy of the phone chain by my beside when the person I have to call doesn't answer and I have call the next person on the list. (Try explaining that at 5 in the morning!)

Finding out that there was a problem with report cards in November while I was out on medical leave and no one bothered to report it until this week when they're due. (And oh, did I mention the tech person is OUT OF THE COUNTRY!)

Kidding with my boss, as he's headed out the door to a budget meeting, that they'll probably want to eliminate the school clerk positions and he says dead seriously that that came up at the last meeting and they decided not too! (Geez, I was just kidding, but now you've got me a little worried!)

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