Friday, February 12 - Snow Day Rituals

Earlier this week the weather prognosticators were forecasting a nor'easter for our area.  Of course there was much talk about it in the office.   Would we really get the snow?  When would it start?  How much do you think we'll get?  Do you think they'll close school?  Do you think we'll have more than one day off?  Yes, it was buzzing with thoughts of a possible snow day (or two).

The conversation took a turn when someone brought up snow day rituals.  For anyone who lives in a warmer climate year round you might not be familiar with these, but here are several that were discussed.  (You're supposed to do these things to get a snow day, but they'll only work (ha!) if there's actually snow forecasted.)

You can........

- Wear your pajamas inside out.

- Wear your pajamas backwards.

- Wear your pajamas inside out and backwards.

- Put a plastic spoon under your pillow.

- Put a metal spoon under your pillow.

- Put a metal spoon upside-down under your pillow.

- Flush ice cubes down the toilet.

- Leave a bucket of ice cubes on the front porch.

Any or all of the above may or may not bring about a snow day.  You know they're only superstitions.

Now, I don't know how many students or staff actually did any of these things but we wound up with not one, but two snow days starting Wednesday.  Tack that onto a planned four day weekend and we've had quite a little mid-winter vacation. 

Of course, these days will be added onto the end of the school year for the teachers and the students, but I don't care, because as a twelve-month employee I will have to be there in June anyway. 

My daughter who teaches in Delaware - a state further south than where I live I might add - will have had a 10-day break because they were already out of school on snow days when the second storm hit.  And after being cooped up indoors for so long, this is what will happen..........

You put on your wings and your tutu and you shovel snow.  I think this should be a snow day requirement  for anyone who wears their pajamas inside-out backwards upsidedown, whatever.  Flush some ice cubes down the toilet, get out your Halloween costume and be prepared.  You could end up on the internet!

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