Friday, February 19 - Wacky Holidays

We post our daily announcements on a dry erase board behind my desk because 9 times out of 10 the office staff is either on the phone or dealing with some other morning emergency when the announcements are made and when asked about them later in the day, as we sometimes are, we found that we weren't able to answer because we didn't hear them.  So this has worked out quite nicely even though it means updating on a daily basis. 

When there's nothing of importance going on during a particular day - no trips, assemblies, special events - I visit a website that lists wacky holidays and, if it's appropriate enough for our school age level, I'll write that on the board.  It sometimes provides for a little chuckle when the announcer reads it for the first time.

For instance there were a couple of holidays announced this week.  National Battery Day (Without which we wouldn't have hand-held video games, cell phones, and flashlights to name a few) - get a charge out of that one!!!

Then there was Chocolate Mint Day.  No specific reason for it, but it does provoke conversation and made all the more sweeter when you receive a chocolate mint.  Yes it was a slow week as far as activities go.

But the biggest kick I got out of it this week was when we posted Random Acts of Kindness Day.  We thought it might encourage some to be a little kinder during the day. 

I had a teacher let me know that I could honor her with a Random Act of Kindness.   She said "if you're looking to do something nice for someone you can start with me". 

Ummmm, that kind of defeats the meaning of RANDOM - don't you think!

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