Friday, September 4 - Shoe Shopping

Imagine a panel truck rolling right up to the front door of your workplace, the driver parks, opens the back and pulls out some nice chairs and a carpet runner.  Then he pulls down a small set of stairs so you can climb right into the back and............... wait for it...............go shoe shopping.  

Well, if you want steel tipped work shoes it can happen!  I saw it with my own eyes.  Right outside the front door of the school I work in. 

I'm thinking if they did this for the teachers, they might need a tractor trailer full of choices. 

Of course you'd have the sensible flats and rubber-soled shoes.  But you'd also have the stylish heels, with straps or platforms for the young teachers who have not yet felt the effects of "teacher's legs" aka varicose veins. 

Oh, yeah, and there'd be at least one token row of penny loafers, boat shoes, and oxfords for the men.


Sunshine said...

...When they have one for handbags - call me!!!
Sunshine NZ

Julie said...

Hi there, I read your comment on Dana's blog about weight and just had to say...ME TOO! Lost 30 lbs so far, still need to lose 45 just to get within smacking distance of the TOP of my weight range for my height!!!!!

LOL...we're twins!