Friday, September 11 - Alternate Forms of Transportation

Having a seat in the front office that faces the driveway gives you a birds eye view of the comings and goings in the school. 

I have seen the children arrive in busses, of course.  That is the main mode of transportation in our district. 

And I've seen just about any kind of van, SUV, sedan, and the occasional sports car.  There have even been one or two motorcycles.  Oh, and once a year, as a prize for a local fund raiser, one child gets to ride to school in a police car with a friend.

But today was something totally new.  Today someone arrived at school in a tow truck with their 7-month-old car on the back of the truck.

Guess who that was?

Give up?


I guess I can cross that off my bucket list!


Anonymous said...

I love your insight. I, too, work in a school (4th grade teacher) and chuckle when I read about the improvised security, the notes about parents/kids, and now how you arrived at school. I love our school secy and know that she and the other secy run our school. Thankfully! Thank you for the weekly chuckle!

Debbie said...

You just had to be different didn't you. Well I sure would have liked a picture of that one. Hope your car is feeling better.