Friday, September 25 - Complaint of the Day

Any number of things can and do go wrong in the course of the day at school.  And usually, they are accompanied by complaints. 

If I had a nickel for every complaint that I hear, well, it could prove to be very lucrative.

Today we got the usual complaints - my room is too hot, my room is too cold, blah, blah, blah.  You know Goldilocks doesn't work here, because we never hear "It's just right!"

The complaint of the day, the one that nearly put me over the edge -

"We need to get bigger garbage bags for our classroom garbage cans."


"They don't seem to be big enough.  I have dirty tissues all over the place because the bags are too small and there's not enough room."

So as I'm staring in disbelief, wondering how to respond, another teacher points out that the bags are big enough, but because the custodians cinch them around the top of the can the air gets trapped and pushes up.  "You just need to let the air out between the bag and the can and they're fine" she adds.

So then it was suggested that we need to "teach" the custodians how to put a garbage bag in the garbage can letting the air out because certainly it's not the teacher's job to do that. 

Some days I'd like to "teach" some people something.


Kate Carney said...

Lorraine, I needed that laugh. All of your teachers should be happy
they even have jobs in this economy. I know that as many complaints as
I have, I am truly thankful that I am employed.

As to the temperature of the rooms, I tell my dear students to wear layers. Supposedly all the classrooms are either too cold or too hot.

MariLynn said...

I had this mental image of tissues all over the floor and trash cans with big air pockets. You are so good with your descriptions. I can even picture you standing there with your hands on your hips, sighing at all the complaints!