Friday, April 24 - The Newest Dance Fad

A teacher came into the office and handed me some rings that were found in the faculty bathroom. They were not costume rings - they were someone's diamonds. A little while later, another teacher walked into the office. This one is known to wear some pretty pricy jewels to school. She once made it a point to tell me that her pearl necklace was worth $10K and I have no reason not to believe her. She's often decked out to the nines with her gold and other jewels.

Knowing this, when she came in I asked her if she was missing any jewelry. Now this is probably funnier done in person but I'm going to try to write it.

Instead of just saying yes or no she did this:

Right hand on left wrist.
Left hand on right wrist.
Right hand to right ear.
Left hand to left ear.
Right hand to neck then over her heart.
Then a slight foot kick.

Nope, she wasn't missing anything.

There was a male teacher in the office along with the other secretary and I during this demonstration. After she left we all busted up laughing and surprisingly he said it looked like she was doing the "damn macarena"! I was waiting for him to say that except for the kick at the end, she would make a good third base coach sending signals to the batter.

Go ahead, I know you want to try it for yourself!


Clare said...

I always get a laugh out of your posts - then have to laugh again when I picture you trying to keep a straight face through some of this stuff. There are times I wonder how we don't crack up right in a paren'ts face. Again - thanks for the laughs!

Arlette said...

Very funny. This one had me actually envisioning her doing the jewelry macarena. Ha!