Friday, April 10 - Does That Ringing In My Ears Bother You

I have been enjoying a most peaceful week. School has been out this week - for the faculty and the students - but not for 12-month employees of which I am one. So I took some personal days and did spend one day in the office tying up some loose ends before the end of the year crush begins.

The reason I say it was peaceful is because there were no bells to deal with. You see, I'm beginning to feel like one of Pavlov's dogs when I hear a bell ring.

I have a phone on my desk and the school doorbell also. And, thanks to a recent thunderstorm and power outage, I have the distinction of having to manually pulling the bell switch for the beginning and ending of school, as well as the late bell and the beginning of Opportunity Period at the end of the day.

So when the phone rings and the doorbell rings at the same time that I'm supposed to ring the school bell, well, you might say we have the "perfect storm" of bells.

Yes, there is another person in the office, but she sits on the other side of the room and is very often otherwise occupied at those busy times. We do have some teachers who will answer the doorbell to help out and I'm thankful for that when they do. But some days, I wish I could just turn the noise off.

So since I only have a 10 min. commute home from work, when I get there I don't turn on the tv and I hope that the phone doesn't ring for at least an hour so I can clear my head of all the ringing. I'd much prefer to open the windows and listen to the birds sing. Hopefully, that will come soon.

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Hit 40 said...

So funny! Do they know that you are blogging about them? Tell me back at my blog. I will never find this post again. I am also on spring break. I am a teacher. And, I love the school secretaries. They rule the school. The principal's are under the delusion that they do. RIGHT!!! The secretaries love to tell me the dirt and fix things for me. THEY ROCK!! I know that they will always be there for us. The principal? who cares. Let's save same cash and fire them all!!! We just need the secretary!