Friday, April 17 - Blah, Blah, Hmmmm

First, let me say that our custodial staff is like the United Nations - they come from all over the world - Poland, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Italy, etc. This can be challenging when you need to ask them a question, or more importantly, try to explain something to them. The custodians are assigned to one or possibly two schools and they have their regular daily chores to attend to.

The "Maintenance Guys", not to be confused with custodians, travel between all the schools to make the major repairs. The "Maintenance Guys" speak English very well, although sometimes it's still difficult to explain things to them.

Yesterday the "Maintenance Guys" came to pick up their paychecks. They're always good for a couple of stories that get us laughing. One of the "Maintenance Guys", let's call him Jack, was relating a story about a custodian, Harry, who is often found napping on the job. Jack said he asked one of the other custodians, a hispanic woman, where this particular custodian was. She told him that Harry was in the Coochie's office. I wasn't aware that we had a Coochie in the district. Turns out a Coochie is a coach.


I got the biggest laugh today when a student came to the office and asked for copies to be made for his teacher. He did say please without prompting and when the copies were done I handed them to him and he actually bowed when he said thank you! I couldn't help but crack up. He smiled too!


Okay, so maybe that wasn't the biggest laugh today. It might have been when the fifth grade teacher came into the office after lunch and announced that he had to go home and change his pants because his zipper broke as he stood there holding the zipper pull in his hand. He said he couldn't go back to class and be expected to teach with the barn door open!


Well, if you haven't found the humor in any of the stories related above that's okay. I bet you didn't know that April 17th is Blah, Blah, Blah Day!

Have a great one!

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