Friday, February 6 - Please and Thank You

As it happens, oftentimes students are sent up to the office for something that their teacher needs. Usually it is because they are in the middle of a lesson and have suddenly realized that they only have 20 copies of a worksheet or test and there are 22 students in the class. Or it may be because a student has forgotten their workbook at home and they are doing that page in class now. So they will stop at my desk and here is how the conversation goes:

"Can I help you?"

"I need a copy of these two pages."


At this point, I intently stare at them and don't move. This begins to make them a little nervous and they smile and/or giggle a little and shove the book a little further at me.

"Did you bring paper and a pencil?" I'll ask.


"Then how are you going to get copies of those pages?"

Now they're thinking a little harder.

"You're going to make them."

"I am? Oh, you mean you are asking me to do something for you?"


"Then you forgot something."

Some may turn the book over, some may look like they're going to cry, some may start to back out the door. And then there is the child who finally has the lightbulb go off.

"Oh. Please can I have copies of these two pages?"

Yes, I'm the "Please Police". I don't work without it.

Oh, and they don't get out the door without a "Thank You" either.

Sadly, the students are not the only ones who forget to use "Please" and "Thank You." The stare doesn't usually work on the "taller ones" though.

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Queen Bee said...

I am always chasing after my kids for please and thank you. They forget almost every time. It's terrible.