Friday, January 30 - Snow Days - Walk Like a Penguin

Snow days - gotta love em! We had one this week (well they did, I'm still home recuperating). I remember when my kids were still in school these were the days that became opportunities. They were the days for the lessons learned at home.

There was a letter to the editor of our newspaper that appeared back then after a particularly icy winter that had caused most of our local school districts to surpass their days put aside for weather. Some mother was complaining that the schools were not being responsible enough with her children's education because they didn't provide materials or work for them to do at home should there be a snow day. I had to laugh out loud at this. Why should it be the responsibility of the school to provide materials or work for a student when they are home for a snow day!

Like I said before, these were the days for lessons learned at home. I always kept the ingredients on hand for making chocolate chip cookies. The ones from scratch, not in the tube. And when they were younger, I would supervise, but as they got older, they were responsible for making them on their own. In that you have a science, math, and reading lesson.

There was always a stash of craft supplies on hand. There was no limit to how they might choose to use them. And you can do this even if you only have the barest minimum of things on hand. Newspapers, glue, crayons or markers and an imagination will go very far. There's an art lesson there. Building things with the pillows and cushions from the furniture is a lesson in engineering. No need to park your child in front of the TV or computer.

Snow days are the precursor to Take Your Child to Work Day for every stay at home mom. Let them help with sorting laundry (before and after), putting dishes away, planning meals, cleaning up after the outside snowball fight comes back inside.

Enjoy them. The days and your children. There'll be times down the road when you will be home on your own on snow days and go to reach for the chocolate chip cookie ingredients and, if you even have them, have to make the cookies yourself.

I've included a link to a notice that my daughter received from her school district. It's meant to help you avoid becoming a victim of the ice and snow. Hope you enjoy!

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Clare said...

Your post brought back memories of snow days when I was a kid growing up in the Midwest. Snow days were the best - like you said - baking cookies, building forts, making things. My mother still lives in Iowa - and whenever there is a blizzard I wish I was close enough to go over and make cookies with here. I can remember turning on the radio waiting to listen if school was canceled. I always felt cheated when my kids were small - that we did not have snow days. I think they missed out. I really enjoy reading your posts!