Friday, May 25 - Will It Count?

We had our Memorial Day program at school today.  It's a day that is filled with activities and assemblies for the students to learn about the significance and to commemorate Memorial Day.  The students do patriotic themed crafts, participate in a sing-a-long, go to gym boot camp, package treats to send to our servicemen, visit a museum of armed services paraphernalia donated by members of the community for this day, and more.  It's an educational as well as fun event that begins with an opening flag ceremony, very brief "words" from local and state dignitaries that have been invited to attend, and the band and the chorus perform one selection each.

On the answering machine this morning.....

"Hello.  My son said that today was going to be a fun day at school and he didn't want to participate.  If I let him stay home, will it count as an absence since it's going to be a fun day?  Here is my number.  If I don't hear back from you I'll know it's okay to keep him home."

God Bless America!


Clare said...

parent phone calls . . . LOL. We were just talking about this at work yesterday. Friday before a 3 day weekend . . . Mom calls in sick for all three of her kids . . . I asked if they were ill . . . long pause, "ahhhh, yes". At least your caller was being honest. Have a great weekend!

Sabrina said...

Ha - I hope the answer was yes, it did count as an absence!!