Friday, April 30

Some people get to have drinks with umbrellas.  We get cupcakes!  


Friday, April 23 - The Apology

This was shared with me by a teacher who had reprimanded a third grader for hitting another child.  She had him write a letter of apology.

Dear .............................,

I'm sorry for touching you.  I could
made another choice.  1 count backward from 10
2 think of something plesant. 3 Drain my
anger out 4 find somthing to punch.  But
for my disison was I diserve a punishm
ent, and this is my diserve missing
resses.  I know what I did is wrong
and I hope I choose something else
to do if I'm angry.  You are a great
friend and I respect that .  I know you
will be a great leader and make the
world a better place.  Follow good deeds
and orders and you will be a great
leader.  I bileve in you, forever.

Wish you luck!

PS Hope you find this note exepible
for the apoligey.


Friday, April 16 - What's It Gonna Cost Ya?

After those hand blow dryers were installed in the student bathrooms to cut down on costs - and mess - one little girl came out of the bathroom and told the aftercare workers -

"Do you know they charge a quarter for a paper towel now?"

If she put a quarter in she'd be very disappointed.  It's empty.  It's the Kotex machine that hasn't been used in years due to grade level changes in the school.  It's still there on the wall though.  Much easier that way.  Then no one has to patch the wall, or paint it for that matter.  Just a piece of metallic history.

Friday, April 9 - I See Dead Squirrels

A call to the office:

Teacher:  "Just wanted to report there's a dead squirrel next to the gazebo."

Secretary:  "Okay.  We'll get the custodian to remove it."

Secretary calls the custodian on the walkie-talkie:  "There's a dead squirrel next to the gazebo."

Custodian:  "Okay.  I'll take care of it."

Custodian calls the secretary:  "Where did you say the squirrel was?"

Secretary:  "Between the school and the gazebo.  Why?"

Custodian:  "I don't see any dead squirrels."

Secretary:  "Let me call the teacher."

Secretary to teacher:  "Where did you see the squirrel?  The custodian can't find it."

Teacher to class:  "Class, where did the squirrel go?"

Class:  "The custodian took it."

Teacher to secretary:  "They said the custodian took it."

Secretary:  "He didn't take it.  He can't find it."

Teacher:  "Well, they TOLD me it was dead."

What I wanted to say:   "And you called without looking?"