Friday, April 23 - The Apology

This was shared with me by a teacher who had reprimanded a third grader for hitting another child.  She had him write a letter of apology.

Dear .............................,

I'm sorry for touching you.  I could
made another choice.  1 count backward from 10
2 think of something plesant. 3 Drain my
anger out 4 find somthing to punch.  But
for my disison was I diserve a punishm
ent, and this is my diserve missing
resses.  I know what I did is wrong
and I hope I choose something else
to do if I'm angry.  You are a great
friend and I respect that .  I know you
will be a great leader and make the
world a better place.  Follow good deeds
and orders and you will be a great
leader.  I bileve in you, forever.

Wish you luck!

PS Hope you find this note exepible
for the apoligey.


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Sunshine said...

Oh how gorjuss! How sweet!
I have just 'discovered' your 'other' blogs & I love them! The blog, "things I discovered today" has some gorgeous photo's on, I just LOVE the one with the squirrel, just love them to bits! I will now check on the blogs more often!
Keep it up:-)
Sunshine NZ