Friday, April 9 - I See Dead Squirrels

A call to the office:

Teacher:  "Just wanted to report there's a dead squirrel next to the gazebo."

Secretary:  "Okay.  We'll get the custodian to remove it."

Secretary calls the custodian on the walkie-talkie:  "There's a dead squirrel next to the gazebo."

Custodian:  "Okay.  I'll take care of it."

Custodian calls the secretary:  "Where did you say the squirrel was?"

Secretary:  "Between the school and the gazebo.  Why?"

Custodian:  "I don't see any dead squirrels."

Secretary:  "Let me call the teacher."

Secretary to teacher:  "Where did you see the squirrel?  The custodian can't find it."

Teacher to class:  "Class, where did the squirrel go?"

Class:  "The custodian took it."

Teacher to secretary:  "They said the custodian took it."

Secretary:  "He didn't take it.  He can't find it."

Teacher:  "Well, they TOLD me it was dead."

What I wanted to say:   "And you called without looking?"

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Sunshine said...

HIlarious! Thanks for making me laugh today:-)
Sunshine NZ