Friday, August 14 - Custodial Caution

As I was walking down the hallway to deliver something this week I thought I might have wandered into a crime scene.

You see, our custodians got hold of some of that yellow caution tape and tied up all the bathroom doors. It took me a while to figure out why they did that.

As they finished cleaning the bathrooms they taped them up like that so no one would use them. That way they didn't have to keep cleaning them everyday.

Yes, our custodial staff has been diligently working to clean and prepare the school for opening day.

I keep a map of the school on my counter and as they finish a room they highlight it. This way I know which rooms are done when a teacher calls to see if they can come in to work in their room.

These guys crack me up. They all want to be the one to do the coloring! If one gets there before the other they are truly disappointed. Imagine grown men arguing over whose turn it was to color in a square on a map.

I told them I'm going to get them some highlighters and coloring books for Christmas.

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