Friday, July 31 - It's Time to Renew My License

As I was leaving for lunch today one of the children in the Summer Enrichment Program asked me if I was the School Nurse! I guess since I dispense band-aids and ice packs you could draw that conclusion.

That brief interlude reminded me that it's time to renew my license. My Nurse Hunting License that is!

During the school year, whenever our nurse leaves her room, (which is more often than you would think) students are directed by a sign on the door to come to the office. Most of the time they can be helped with an ice pack or a band aid, but there are times that truly do need a nurse's attention.

Since she doesn't always tell us where she's going, and since she doesn't wear a bell around her neck, we have to hunt her down.

By now I know most of the obvious places she will be, like in the faculty room warming her coffee for the umpteenth time, or in the computer lab needing help from the computer teacher, or in the band room with the instrumental music teacher. So I start phoning those places for her. (Let it be known that if there is an emergency, I would page her on the intercom, however, we don't like to disturb the classes when it's not absolutely necessary.)

It was on one of these ocassions when I actually said to the computer teacher that I was on a Nurse Hunt. She laughed knowing the nurse's reputation and said she totally understood.

Not more than an hour later the computer teacher arrived in the office with two official Nurse Hunting Licenses granted to the office staff and good for one year.

I carry mine in my wallet.

If you know me and know my relationship with my school nurse you will understand when I say that sadly, I'm only allowed to use the phone during this hunt. Discharge of weapons is, unfortunately, verboten.

Yep, just checked it. It's time to renew!

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Sunshine said...

Love it!! You write well & I always get a giggle from what you have written! Thanks