Friday, July 17 - New Door Lock

there was a storm on Saturday night that caused a power failure
that caused the breakers to trip
that caused the alarm system to go off
that caused the security company to leave a message that the alarm system went off
that caused the front door buzzer to ring continuously until someone cut the wire about 9:00 this morning
that caused the office and faculty room refrigerators to defrost
that caused all the ice pops (10 boxes) to melt leaving a sticky pool in the freezer
that, when rebooted this morning, caused the fire alarm in the office to ring for over an hour

and, because the head of maintenance is on vacation in the catskills and is hard to reach, and he can’t explain to his summer office help how to reprogram the system to reset the lock, this is what he suggested doing to secure the building for the evening.

Keep in mind that the door opens OUT!

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Denise said...

Pretty sad/funny. It could have been written by office staff at my school!