Friday, March 6 - Getting Straight

I’ve been out of the office for two months now and I apologize if my material hasn’t been up to par. Rest assured, I’ll be returning to work on Monday and I’m sure I’ll be catching up on all the goings on that took place in my absence. Thanks for sticking with me.

In the meantime, this was shared with me by an 8th grade Language Arts teacher who likes to call me and make me laugh with stories about her special students:

(The student has her arm bandaged and turns to the teacher and asks…)

Ms. M. can you write my essay for me?


But my arm is hurt and I can’t write.

That’s not going to work. I saw you writing and you’re doing fine. By the way, how did you hurt your arm?

In the bus accident. (Her bus had been involved in a minor traffic accident.)

Looks like you were lucky you only hurt your arm.

Well, I hurt my back too, but my mother says I have to go to the orthodontist to get that fixed.

The orthodontist?

Yes, my mom says I have to get straightened out.

Well, only if you mean your teeth.

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nikkicrumpet said...

My kids need straightening out too...but I don't think an orthadontist has what it takes...I'm not sure anyone does! Cute story...and thanks so much for stopping by.