Friday, March 20 – Where are the Roman’s From?

Once again I'm relying on a story that was sent to me in an e-mail from that special teacher who used to live in this house:


Today's highlight--

While working on an essay, the following discussion occurred:

Girl -- "Miss M where are the Roman's from?"

Miss M – (burst of short laughter to catch my breath so I can ask my co-teacher) "Mrs. T, Girl would like to know where the Romans are from."  Mrs. T rolls her eyes and continues working.

Boy -- (Sarcastically) "They're from Japan."

Girl -- "I thought the Chinese were from Japan."

This is how my day is going.

10 minutes later, I heard a story about a girl in 6th or 7th grade that got her head stuck in a locker for 20 minutes and had to have the shop teacher come and pry her out.


Thanks for the laugh Miss M.

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