Friday, May 8 - Bend and Stretch?

The husband of one of our teachers came to visit this week. He brought his niece and nephew with him - toddlers - and they were all going to go out for lunch.

When the teacher came to the office at lunch time, one of the busiest times in the office with parents coming in and out to do lunch duty, and students always around somewhere, she welcomed them warmly. Then she bent over to pick up the little boy. Something quickly changed her mind and she stood upright. She then asked her husband for his sweatshirt. He gave it to her and she tied it around her waist.

I saw her bend over the counter on the other side of the room and say something to the secretary but I couldn't hear her over the noise. When she left, the secretary told me what the teacher had said to her and she was laughing.

The teacher bent over the counter to say that she couldn't believe that she just split her pants. The secretary offered her a needle and thread, but she said "You don't understand. I'm wearing a thong." Thank goodness he came to her rescue with that sweatshirt!


Vodka Mom said...

omg that is SO funny!!!

You do NOT want to see me wearing a thong. no way.

Arlette said...

Funny story!